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US dollars wiki160Energy Programs: Free Rebate $$$

Most people are unaware that there are energy programs available offering Free Rebates to make your home more energy efficient. The majority of states in the USA offer energy incentive programs that help you finance upgrades; such as adding insulation, installing solar screens, solar energy systems, radiant barrier, thermostat upgrades, and more.

Each program varies state by state, upgrade categories, and dollar amounts. You can find out what is available in your state by visiting the Department of Energy's website here: Energy Incentive Programs.

In many states the programs are offered through your local utility provider in the area. In most cases, that is the company that restores service when your power goes out and not necessarily the company you purchase your power from.

smartgrid gtm216Smart Grid is Looming Closer

In the near future, the smart grid will will enable you to control the energy use in your home or office over the internet. You will be able to adjust your thermostat, turn on an appliance, adjust your lighting from anywhere via a smart phone or laptop. The "Smart Grid" will connect two-way technology, information, and controls over our electrical grid. Progress is coming along slowly.

Here's how it will work: You will be charged extra for energy used to run your air conditioner, clothes dryer, oven, and other appliances during peak hours (8 am to 7 pm). During peak hours the electric grid is under high demand from heating and cooling systems in homes and businesses.  You will be rewarded for running your clothes dryer and other electrical devices during off-peak hours. It will be in everyone's best interest to use appliances and electronics as much as possible during off-peak hours (evening-night-morning). 

Currently: Smart meter deployment is the first step and it is being rolled out, slowly. Smart meters communicate electric usage information back to local utility companies for tracking and billing purposes. Also, our appliances will have to be upgraded to be energy smart. Here again, energy smart appliances are being rolled out by several major manufacturers. Finally, we will all need an energy smart thermostat. Smart thermostats are being used and tested throughout the USA which track usage and enable internet controls.

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Energy Tip of the Week:

Over 60% of homes in the USA are under-insulated.

How many inches do you have in your attic?

If it's less than 12 to 15 inches, you are wasting energy dollars. Insulation pays for itself in a short period of time and then you start doubling back on your wise investment.